About Us

Solving personal mobility problems of the future

We have a true passion for eco-friendly personal mobility.

We are a new personal mobility solutions company based in Seattle. We are excited to launch our first products, the Burke series of titanium folding bicycles. The three unique models in the Burke series are based on innovative and worldwide-patented designs by Dr. Mike F. Yap, engineering professor, cycling enthusiast, and designer of the award winning Airnimal folding bikes.  Many of his designs are still being manufactured and sold in the UK under the AIRNIMAL brand.  At the turn of the 2010 decade, Mike’s desire to design a series of compact, quick folding, high performance bikes and his love for the Seattle area led to the development of the Burke line of products and the establishment of Seattle Cycles, LLC., which began operation in 2015. The creation of the new designs have been inspired by the fast growing cycling opportunities offered by cycling trails in the Pacific Northwest and the commitment of many cities to making cycling an effective personal mobility solution.

We see ourselves as more than a bicycle company. We believe that advances in electronics, sensors, motors and new battery technology will enable a new breed of compact personal mobility devices that are smart, eco-friendly, and fun to use. We are committed to our vision of making personal mobility fun, efficient, and green. Watch out for our new innovative designs of electric scooters coming up next. 

Our Philosophy

 About Bikes:  

The Seattle Cycles design philosophy is to create lightweight, compact, long lasting  personal mobility devices, capable of sustaining the rigors of international travel and rigorous use. Our patented designs are manufactured in The U.S.A.  of lightweight but strong titanium. Each bike design will be tested for structural integrity to ISO 4210 standard by independent laboratories.  Each product is designed to specific goals for a varied customer base.  Please read more under “Design Philosophy” for more about our bikes.

About Customers:

Seattle-Cycles is a new company. As such, we understand that we must make our name known and associated with high quality products, satisfied customers, and an honest approach to business.  Accordingly, it is our goal to conduct our business without any hidden agenda, to court customers one at a time if need be, and to back all of our products with superior warranties to insure our customer’s satisfaction.  We will work with retailers and distributors to insure each customer is within easy reach of support and will financially protect those retailers and distributors to insure they do support our customers. Customers and potential customers are also encouraged to speak directly with a representative of our company to receive individual assistance and advice on our products. Our products are designed to reach customers requiring a very high level of quality and performance and who expect to pay for that level of product.  We will not compete for customers seeking a “standard” design typically sold by most cycle retailers or sporting goods stores.

About Business:

Our business will be conducted to the highest ethical standards. We will treat each customer, partner, and supplier with courtesy and ethical standards.  In return, we ask that we be likewise treated, and be allowed to make a reasonable profit on the sale of our products.